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History of Xanax


Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company now absorbed into Upjohn, first filed a patent for alprazolam in 1969, which was approved in 1976. The company thought that they launched a drug without income potential, because at the time, there was no market for medication for panic disorders. By 1979, it was mandated by the FDA in clinical trials. It was released to other companies to allow for the manufacturing of generic versions in 1981. Alprazolam was later found to help as an anti-depressive drug and a medication for treating some types of sleep disorders. It is number one of the benzodiazepine medications prescribed in the U.S. Generic extended-release and instant-release versions of Xanax are available today.


Other Names for Xanax


Xanax and alprazolam go under other brand names of Zotin Plus, Zopas Plus, Zomark-FX, Zolran, Zolorest FX, Zolent, Plus, Zolent Forte, Zolar-P, Zepro-M, Zepro, Zedep-A, Zedel A, Xerodep-A, Trustin, Trika Plus, Trika Forte, Tenzorid, Tenzo-P, Tensyn-AZ, Tensfree, Tenolam Plus, Tenlax, Tenil, Taz-SR, STS, Stresnil (0.25 mg), Stresnil, Steet-Plus, Somnia-PR, Somaspas, Sinaday, Setex-A, Sertamax, Sertakem-AZ, Rivcam, Restyl Plus, Restyl Forte, Resta, Rescalm-AZ, Relax-S, Relax-F, Relax-BB, Pyrex-P, Psycool Plus, Prozolam, Proprazolam-M, Proprazolam, Pronil Plus, Pronext, Pron-Ziety-H, Pro Ziety, Pro Xanti, Pronol-F, Plxna M, Plxna, Pizolam P, Pifzot, Paz, Pacific-Plus, Pacific-H, Omelam, Normatine Plus, Nexlpra-S, Nexlpra S, Montolift-Plus, Meloprax-0.5, Meloprax, Mebrin AZ, Mebaspa AL, Mebasap AL, MCalm Forte, MCalm, Mares-Plus, Manorest Plus, Nanorest Forte, Magfa, Loral-PR, Loral Plus, Lam Plus-H, Lam Plus, L-Peez S, L-Peez F, Kurelam-F, Imprax, HD-A, Fultop, Fluzolam, Fluxozam, Flu8xin-AL, Fluwel, Fluti, Fluprax, Flumusa Forte, Flumusa-20,Flumusa, Fluedep-AZ, Flu-kam, Flu-AL, Finezol SL, Finseol IM, Finezol FX, Faxtin-A, Faa Plus, Exiten Plus, Emlol-A, Elflu, Ecsit-P, Dizeral-AZM, Dizeral-AZ, Destres, Desper Plus, Depwell, Depten-AZ, Depsolam, Depser Plus, Depoxit-Plus, Depflu-A, Denzy A, Deminy Plus, Cozac-AZ, Cooltime, Censir Forte, Cardlax, Cam Plus, Calmtec P, Bloclock, Bioclock-0.5, Bioclock 0.5, Bioclock 0.25, Bioclock, Betapax-M, Benzolam Plus, Belfa, Balmusa Plus, AZO-S, AZO-O, AZO-F, Azicalm, Ateez-F, Ateez-S, Atal, Apal-P, Anzocalm, Anzi P, Anzal Plus-H, Anzal Plus, Anxofit, Anxit Plus, Anxit Forte, Anxiflu, Anbutech, Ambuxyn, Ambulax-M, Ambulax-HD, Ambulax, Alzy Plus, Alzotime-Plus, Alzoset, Alzolite Forte, Alzolam Plus, Alzex Plus, Alwel Plus, Altin, Altalin, Alsert, Alprose Plus, Alprop, Alpro Forte, Alprine Plus, Alprine H, Alprax Z 0.5, Alprax Z 0.25, Alprax Plus, Alprax Forte, Alprawin P, Alprawin F T, Alprasert, Alpram Plus, Alpra-P, Alpanol S, Alpanol, ALP-FTD, ALP-FT, Alone, Almac-P-SR, Almac-P, Alltop S, Alltop P, Alflux, Albiz-FX, Alarma Plus, Alarma Forte, Alarm-Plus, Alarm-Forte, Alamflu, Aderta A, Alprazolam Intensol, Xanax XR, Helex, Zopax, Zolam, Xanor, Xycalm, Tranax, Restyl, Pacyl, Nu-Alpraz, Novo-Alprazol, Niravam, Mylan-Aprazolam, Kalma, Apo-Alraz, Anzilum, Alzam, Alprocontin and Alprax.